Updating database with ajax

Posted by / 04-Aug-2017 20:27

Offhand, you might be tempted to perform an Ajax request with each change in the order (presumably, the request would save the new order in the database).

However, it’s likely the user would make multiple changes, resulting in multiple requests, and the fact is that it’s only the final order that really matters.

The following is the schema for creating a table Employee: After the table creation, create the stored procedures for Select, Insert, Update and Delete operations.

Right click on the Index action method of Home Controller and click on Add View.

For starters, the best performance can be had by not making an Ajax request at all.

Bootstrap is one of the most popular HTML, CSS and JS frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the Web. Now, create a database and add a table (named Employee).

Now, right-click on the project and click Manage Nu Get Packages.

I've found it a bit of a pain today to find a (relatively) simple way to work with XML in a BLOB/CLOB field in an Oracle 11g database via Oracle SQL Developer, so I want to note it for future reference.

To UPDATE a BLOB/CLOB with a string, the string must be cast to RAW.

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