Juegos de naves galacticas online dating

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Juegos de naves galacticas online dating

The Copyright Owner is not obliged to grant the User new versions of the Application.

In case of downloading, installing and using a new version of the Application the User may need to confirm an updated version of the Agreement.

8.11 User can find information about their current account balance by entering “My Info” in the Application.

7.3 The User doesn't have the right to distribute the Application in a form different to one in which they got it without prior written consent of the Copyright Owner.

7.4 The Copyright Owner reserves the right to add new functional characteristics, program modifications, improvements and updates to the Application.

The Agreement establishes the terms of use of the Galaxy Application for mobile devices and personal computers (“Application”).

1 By copying and installing the Application to a mobile device or a personal computer the User accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement.

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